Before devoting her attention to Beyond Compliance LLC, Donna spent 10 years working for a commercial waste management company in various customer service and compliance support roles, 5 years working in different manufacturing settings doing regulatory and EHS compliance work, and 15 years working in the compliance and assurance group for a leading international consultancy. In these roles, she worked collaboratively with all levels of an organization to implement management systems, develop written programs and plans, identify gaps in sustainability and compliance programs, and negotiate settlements with regulatory agencies.

Donna is a Certified Sustainability Practitioner, a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager, and a Certified Professional Environmental Auditor with a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science from Drexel University. Additionally, she has completed the 10-hour OSHA Outreach programs for both construction and general industry.

In addition to being a consultant, Donna is an adjunct professor in the College of Engineering at Villanova University, is an avid hockey player, and loves to ride motorcycles. Donna volunteers with the Township of West Pikeland where she provides support for two committees – the Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) and the Emergency Operations Committee (EOC). On the EAC, our mission is to conserve and maintain West Pikeland Township natural resources for the benefit of all the people. On the EOC we work with FEMA and PEMA to prepare for nuclear emergencies that may occur at the nearby power plant.

Donna also volunteers with the Pennsylvania Center for Adapted Sports by providing assistance to athletes with different abilities, enabling them to participate in sporting events such as bicycle riding.

Supported three power plant construction activities and on-going operations

  • Identified and obtained required environmental permits during power plant conversion from coal-fired to natural gas-fired
  • Developed written emergency response plans
  • Routine compliance support

Supported approximately 12 power generation plants and combustion turbine facilities

  • Compliance auditing
  • Annual regulated waste reporting

Supported approximately 15 petroleum terminals in the Northeast

  • Annual reporting for stormwater, waste and chemical management
  • Represented client during agency inspection and subsequent discussions
  • On-site waste program evaluation, gap identification and policy development
  • Personnel training
  • Stormwater discharge permit applications and on-going stormwater compliance support

Developed approximately 30 EHS compliance policies and procedures for companies extracting natural gas from the Marcellus Shale formation to ensure compliance with state-specific EHS regulatory requirements

Provided routine on-site compliance support for three local printing and coating operations.

  • Chemical management, air permit, water discharge permit, and waste management

Supported consumer goods/food and beverage processing and warehousing operations

  • Compliance auditing
  • Annual reporting for air, waste and chemical management
  • Sustainability program gap analysis
  • Routine on-site compliance support
  • Developed third-party certified Safe Feed/Safe Food program

Supported various manufacturing and chemical processing operations.

  • Compliance auditing
  • Annual reporting for air, waste and chemical management
  • EHS program gap analysis
  • EHS program policy development
  • Routine on-site compliance support
  • Provided risk control assessments to identify risks associated with workers’ compensation insurance and general liability insurance programs
  • Conducted hazard surveys, program evaluations, and incident or loss reviews
  • Worked with companies to evaluate and implement appropriate controls for identified risks
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